Birthday Weekend in British Columbia

For my birthday this year, I thought I’d splurge with a special trip to do my favorite relaxing hobby, fly fishing! After messaging back and forth for awhile on instagram, I made plans with Kate Watson, a fly fishing expert out of Prince George, BC. Since picking up this sport, I’ve long-admired Kate for not just her skill, but her stance on the industry, (especially conservation) and was thrilled that we were able to plan an adventure together on the weekend of my birthday!

Day One: Drive from Bellingham, WA to Prince George, BC–509 miles

Whoa, was this was longer than expected…. I’ve down the whole drive from western Washington to San Francisco too many times to count but that is a straight-shot on I-5. The highway to Prince George was a two-lane highway, and although filled with beautiful scenery, felt more like 1,500 miles than 500. My first stop was of course, Hope, BC–the location of my first Archaeology dig. I walked through the old campground that I called home for the summer of 2009 and of course, I had to fuel up with latte at the ol’ Blue Moose Cafe. Once back on the road, I tried not to stop too much–only to stretch my legs. 10 podcast episodes later, I pulled into PG after 7pm, checked into my AirBnB, and basically passed out before eight.

Day Two: Fly Fishing Prince George with Kate Watson

I couldn’t have been more excited to start the day. Kate picked me up from my AirBnB in her truck at 7:30am on the dot and we drove 45 mins drive to our first fishing spot, chatting the whole way. We pulled off a logging road under a small bridge and went over my cast. I learned that I needed to lift a little more and flick on my final cast after throwing some consistently good false casts. After some practice and going over some fly selections, it was time to wade in and land a fish! We walked under the bridge and after 10 or 15 casts, landed my first fish of the day, an arctic whitefish. The next few fish were rainbow trouts–I even landed some in front of some other anglers nearby (when does that ever get to happen for a novice? #humblebrag)

We moved to another spot on the river, a peaceful, serene leg that looked like a moose could come out to wade with us at any moment (sadly, no moose–but probably for the best). I landed my first big(ger) rainbow of the day that even impressed Kate–she claimed it was the biggest rainbow she had seen in that river system in over 2 years. Other than catching fish throughout the day, we had the best conversation–between sharing our fear of predatory animals (her: sharks, me: bears), laughing over the weirdness that is social media, and my introduction to bengal spice tea and caramel TimTams (umm, how have I not had these?!) — we were full of smiles ALL day long!

After a solid eight hours fishing, we made our way back to her truck, peeled off our waders and extra layers and broke down our rods. As we pulled away from our fishing spot, we spotted a small black bear just to the side of the road—so glad it wasn’t any closer to us, or our TimTams! She brought me back to my AirBnB, we chatted for a while longer and then it was time to say our goodbyes. Easily the best day I’ve had in a while, and I know it won’t be the last time Kate and I are out on a river sharing stories again.

Day Three (My Birthday): Drive from Prince George to Squamish, BC–430 miles

Kicking off my 32nd year at 5am was not my cup of tea, but I stopped at the Sav-On grocery in PG before hitting the road, grabbed myself a pizza pretzel, and retraced my route south down Hwy 97. Several hours in, I veered west toward Whistler for an entirely new landscape. After the bear sighting, I was determined to spot at least a bighorn sheep! If you know me at all, you know I love animals, and I’m sad to report that didn’t get to see any larger wildlife on this journey. However, not to say I didn’t see anything–I spotted a baby weasel, some deer, and several wild horses. I stopped at Lake Lillooet, enjoyed the view for a few minutes and powered through Pemberton and Whistler toward my final destination of this mini-trip, Squamish BC.

After nine hours on the road, I stopped by the local grocery store, grabbed some of my favorite treats for dinner (it was my birthday after all) and headed to my beautiful AirBnB in the Brackendale neighborhood.

A quiet evening in was just want I wanted for my birthday. To me, a relaxing vacation is somewhere other than home that actually gets you away from that looming to-do list, and the temptation to fold and spend downtime doing unfinished chores. I packed my favorite sweats (duh) laid in bed, watched some tv, put on a face mask and ate some–yeah you guessed it–TimTams. Asleep before 10, I couldn’t have started off my trip around the sun more rested.

Day Four: Squamish, BC to Washington State via Vancouver–165 miles

Squamish is known as the adventure capital of BC and I see why. From kite surfing to diving, to rock climbing and fishing, Squamish is the outdoor enthusiasts’ dream! It was hard to choose which avenue I wanted to explore for my final day, but ended up on the most scenic one, the Sea to Sky Gondola. I have never considered myself afraid of heights, but this made my stomach drop. Once at the top, the view made it worth it (who wants to go here for a photoshoot?).

I only spent about an hour at the summit walking the trails and decided I will be coming back here on a girls weekend to experience the Via Ferrata climbing experience. After soaking in the views from the lookout, I popped into the gift shop to get some postcards (hi mom!) and happened upon my very favorite pair of hiking pants which I instantly bought for my upcoming archaeology dig (I already have them in two other colors).

At 11:00am, I left Squamish and started down the Sea to Sky Highway toward Vancouver. Only a quick 45 minutes south, the idea of working Squamish into my next Vancouver adventure an absolute must!


I arrived midday in Vancouver and made a beeline straight to Main Street to visit some of my favorite consignment shops. I scored a great vintage Gap denim jacket at Front and Company that I already can’t wait to bring to Europe! Following my epic find, I braked for lunch at a nearby sushi restaurant and was impressed that for two rolls, some tea and miso, it was only $6.77CAD. I sure miss metropolitan cities and their competitive prices (and yes, it was good sushi).

After lunch and a little window shopping, I made my way south with no wait at the border and back to the States by 5pm. I pulled into my driveway by 10pm, giving the old Subaru a chance to rest and retreated to my own comfy bed complete with my hubs and Gwen waiting for me. ahhh, home.

RECAP: I can’t stress enough how great a solo trip* was for my soul. That may sound silly, but honestly, sometimes you just need to be alone with your own thoughts and be able to reflect without any interuptions.

*As I write this, I leave in less than two weeks for my European adventure! I plan to post plenty of photos and of course, share some of my favorite spots along the way! (Be sure to sign up for updates on the right side of the page!)


Holy moly…

Big steps ahead. Actually, huge steps. Wait, let me back up and recap. I have been working the last four years for my local government. I’ve learned things I never knew I needed to learn, met people that have changed my life, and have grown as a human being both personally and professionally. While my position had many interesting dynamics, the 9 to 5 life, isn’t what I expected. In fact, it was better. People say that desk jobs [sitting is the new smoking] are the worst but having Saturdays and Sundays off was really quite nice. Easier to make plans with friends, fun events are planned for weekends–the whole world is basically waiting to say TGIF….but not me. Maybe I’m not a routine person. Maybe I don’t like sitting so long, maybe I’m that typical millennial (grass is always greener), but I needed something else, and I knew just the thing…

So here it is. Here are my “big steps”…..I put in my notice at my job AND I am going on an archaeology dig in IRELAND for the summer! Now archaeology is not out of the blue, I actually have my Bachelor’s degree in anthropology and did an archaeology dig in British Columbia the year after my undergrad. It was the best summer ever. Long days outside in the Pacific Northwest, swimming in the river, dirt stained, and best of all, quality time with people who love the digging in a test pit as much as me. That summer was a huge year for me. I moved back to my hometown from San Diego and started dating my now husband. I think I was in the right place after that dig, truly happy and following a passion–so I’m going back—back to that state of mind. I’m sure you have questions and in short, yes, I will miss my cat and yes, my husband is super happy and supportive of this new adventure.

Achill Island, County Mayo, Ireland {photo via pinterest}


More details to come, and I plan on keeping track of all of it here for friends and family to follow along. Be sure to sign up for email alerts (right panel) if you want to keep up to date with the coming adventures.