photo cred: friend/fellow photog Kestrel Bailey

There’s this candid casual photo of my Mom from her traveling days in South America (see below). She’s in her early 20’s, bright, fearless, beautiful, and holds a travel glow—it would definitely be considered “Insta-Worthy” by today’s standards. However, my mother is not trying to please the camera. This photo captures her in the historic pre-social media world, where people didn’t know what it was like to be viewed from the lens of camera. I pull this photo out often because it takes me back to when photography and travel was simple, classic, and true.

I try to imagine how she was feeling at that moment, what caught her attention, because she so fully embraced the world around her. I feel immensely inspired because that is my mom, and I think “how could I not follow in her footsteps to some extent?”

I certainly inherited a love of travel from her, but instead of being the one photographed, I prefer to be behind the camera capturing the reality and beauty of all that is around me. Her photo was a small moment in her life that would not have otherwise been shared or captured. We all experience intimate moments like that. Laughing with your best friend over wine at a cafe in paris. Visiting an old childhood home with a sibling. Witnessing a deer and her fawn cross a train-track. The beauty of life and inspiration is in the experience of that moment, the people around us, and the emotional response to it -not the curated photos of social media. Through real conversation and exploration of location, my hope is to capture quality, candid images that encapsulate experience and feeling, like that of my mother’s photo.

Sessions are highly individualized. I opt for a natural aesthetic rather than overly edited or photoshopped images. I wanna make you feel and look like YOU!

Let’s create art together.