Avignon, France

Avignon, the “Walled City” was hands down our favorite part of our France trip. Something about the small, narrow streets and all the outdoor cafes just made us fall in love the moment we drove through the gates. We left Paris midday and took the TGV train (that travels at 300km/hr!) and arrived in Avignon in the early afternoon. After making a much needed stop at a creperie–because, crepes–we checked into our AirBnB and ventured out to grab dinner and explore Avignon streets and shops.

After our first round of exploring the city, we got some pastries from a local boulangerie and head back to take a quick nap back at the apartment. We woke up about an hour later and decided to wander around the city’s prized architecture, including the Palais de Popes, built in 1252. Avignon’s rich history is an entirely different perspective of this city that literally has hundreds of years of history. Avignon has a known human occupation dating all the way back to 4,000 BC!

As the sun set, strolling through the streets at night was made the night even more romantic, and I am sure Aaron loved it even more as the shops were closed…much to me and my suitcase’s dismay.

This cat shirt seriously looked like our cat Gwen. I would have loved to have been able to add it to my wardrobe (clothes are my favorite souvenir to bring back from travels!) This makes reason number 45937 to get back to this city ASAP.

This was my second time to Avignon and my memories of this city didn’t even do this trip justice. I am so please that this was Aaron’s favorite stop of the our France adventure!

Following Avignon, we took ride through some of the Luberon Valley’s quaint Provençal villages. Stay tuned…

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