Galway, Ireland

untitled-30-5It’s no wonder people talk about the true beauty and magic of Western Ireland. Of course, I’m sure all of Ireland is great, I can’t say for sure about the east coast (yet). Galway was no exception. Beautifully historic, plenty of culture, and of course–a grand array of pubs so perfectly quaint and bustling all at the same time.

I had already stopped in Galway on my way to Achill (giant heavy backpack in tow), but when a group decided to make a weekend of it and invited me along, I couldn’t say no. We lucked out with brilliant weather and the whole city was feeling the sunshine! Since it was only a single night trip, we made the most of it and enjoyed food that we couldn’t get on Achill (Italian and sushi!!!) checked out the nightlife hoping to join in on a sing-song, and shopped for iconic Arab Island sweaters. It felt good to see some crowds of people and honestly I just strolling the streets in good company made it the perfect weekend escape.

Yay for new friendships! From left Jelle (Netherlands) and James (Chicago)

Fellow digger and new friend, Esther, from New Jersey and also a lover of our J-Pod whales, she hopes to come visit someday!


I laughed at this spelling, but later learned that Aishling is actually a common Irish name and means “visual dream”


Ice cream at the famous Murphy’s ice cream shop, I got a split scoop of the “sea salt” and “buttermilk” flavors—so unexpectedly tasty!

I’d love to come back to Galway and check out their museum, and perhaps brave renting a car and drive through Connemara region (which I can truly say I’m bummed I won’t be able to do this trip). Only a week left on Achill, stay tuned for another archaeology update from week 5, as well as a final week wrap up post including more about the culture of the field school and some of the interesting people I’ve met this past month and a half!

Loved this mural, had to get a photo!

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