Archaeology Dig: Week 4 Update

I can’t believe I’ve already been in Ireland for an entire month. Time is flying by, so I figured an update on our dig site is warranted!

My dorky sunhat, but I haven’t had my face or ears sunburnt at all!

We are well into our excavation and with only two more weeks remaining (seriously, where does the time go?!), and we are really picking up the pace. The house is nearly exposed down to the floor in some sections and we found our first pieces of glass and a large piece of iron.

Our field director is crossing her fingers that we find the hearth of the house (the cooking area) and hopefully some late 17th century pottery sherds by the end of our 6 weeks. Our other finds have included a glass bead (found in he shell midden, from the post medieval area) and lots of bone–likely all animal. We are working with a bone specialist next week to learn more about properly identifying, handling, and cataloging bones and fragments.

Mostly, the biggest obstacle has been sand. It’s been weeks and weeks of A LOT OF SAND. Sand is everywhere in the house, my backpack, in my pockets, I think I will always have sand granules as a memento of this experience whether I like it or not. Hopefully, when we get to the “floor” of the house structure and are able to trowel through some good archaeology and not just troweling back sand overfill, it will really get interesting. Can’t wait to share an update on what we find and learn about this site!

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