Cork, Ireland

My first night in Ireland was in the charming town of Cork. I arrived via bus from Dublin airport (5 hours on some seriously roundabout-heavy roads) and my friend and host, Suzanne (whom I met in Guatemala in 2016) picked me up at the bus station. After those 5 hours, I somehow agreed to a hike and I was so glad I did. My first taste of Ireland landscape was a trail hike in Ballycotton, forty minutes east of Cork City. Everyone we passed was a local who tipped their hat and greeted us in true Irish kindness. Nothing feels better than stretching your legs after too many hours of traveling.

Day two was a solo day of exploring starting with an official tour of the University College Cork (UCC) campus given by my friend Suzanne (who happens to work there). If I decide that this summer has convinced me I still want to truly pursue a career in archaeology, this is going to be the university I choose for my Masters. UCC has an incredible reputation, highly qualified staff and, well, being Ireland doesn’t hurt!

Later in the day (in 85 degree heat I might add) I took the train to the small town of Cobh, the last port of call for the Titanic! Naturally, I went to the Titanic Museum, stood where the passengers’ loved ones said their final goodbyes and explored the Cobh’s quaint buildings and lovely cathedral. Did some leisurely people watching and ate some lemon curd ice cream….perfection.

Topped off the night with an incredible dinner (I tried their local fish, Hake, it was divine!) with Suzanne at Blackrock Castle in Cork City, followed by the most epic sunset.


cork & cobh-119I think I’m gonna like it here…. thanks for the warm welcome Cork!

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