Holy moly…

Big steps ahead. Actually, huge steps. Wait, let me back up and recap. I have been working the last four years for my local government. I’ve learned things I never knew I needed to learn, met people that have changed my life, and have grown as a human being both personally and professionally. While my position had many interesting dynamics, the 9 to 5 life, isn’t what I expected. In fact, it was better. People say that desk jobs [sitting is the new smoking] are the worst but having Saturdays and Sundays off was really quite nice. Easier to make plans with friends, fun events are planned for weekends–the whole world is basically waiting to say TGIF….but not me. Maybe I’m not a routine person. Maybe I don’t like sitting so long, maybe I’m that typical millennial (grass is always greener), but I needed something else, and I knew just the thing…

So here it is. Here are my “big steps”…..I put in my notice at my job AND I am going on an archaeology dig in IRELAND for the summer! Now archaeology is not out of the blue, I actually have my Bachelor’s degree in anthropology and did an archaeology dig in British Columbia the year after my undergrad. It was the best summer ever. Long days outside in the Pacific Northwest, swimming in the river, dirt stained, and best of all, quality time with people who love the digging in a test pit as much as me. That summer was a huge year for me. I moved back to my hometown from San Diego and started dating my now husband. I think I was in the right place after that dig, truly happy and following a passion–so I’m going back—back to that state of mind. I’m sure you have questions and in short, yes, I will miss my cat and yes, my husband is super happy and supportive of this new adventure.

Achill Island, County Mayo, Ireland {photo via pinterest}


More details to come, and I plan on keeping track of all of it here for friends and family to follow along. Be sure to sign up for email alerts (right panel) if you want to keep up to date with the coming adventures.

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